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"My spirit has been stripped, paraded naked,

my body preyed upon by parasites.

Sweet Death, I'm snivelling in my flimsy hideout -

go fetch your wrecking ball and dynamite!"


- Abigail Parry, from 'The Exiled Lover Surrenders to the Power of his own Sadness', Death by Hearts and Flowers



Frances Lock on Death by Hearts and Flowers – “Full of unapologetic emotional extravagance, the mood they create has in it all the garment-rending and antic teeth-gnashing of a Jacobean melodrama, but tempered with a healthy dose of wry, sly wit recalling Dorothy Parker or Frank O’Hara. These “versions” are gorgeous in their unrepentant excess. You don’t read them so much as surrender to their language and their logic.”





“A dog begins our day. The fun-house folds away

its mirrored wings. Gashed turf, tufts of yellow grass,

the glamour gone, and suddenly empty”


- Frances Lock, from 'iv', Pikey



Kimberly Campanello on Pikey – “[its] wicked-smart voice crashes and keens. Words are acts, words are rituals. This sequence is a marginal-radical-stations-of-the-cross intoning suffering and loss, agency and transmogrification. Pikey is flesh made word.”
































- Kimberly Campanello, from 'untitled', MOTHERBABYHOME



Abigail Parry on MOTHERBABYHOME – “[this] chapbook is a memorial to those buried in an unmarked grave at the Tuam Mother and Baby Home. It’s also a hard-eyed exhumation of what goes unrecorded: the unmentioned, the redacted and the written over. The poems deal in half-reveals and homophonics, in double-meanings and silences: they let things slip. They are fine-tuned disclosures, and brutally sharp.”







laudanum chapbook anthology: volume two

Abigail Parry, Kimberly Campanello, Frances Lock

ed. Tondut (Tiffany Anne), 2017



Poets: Parry, Campanello, Lock

Format: paperback

Size: 135mmx210mm

Pages: 44

ISBN: 978-0-995-524323

Published: 21-07-17



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Abigail Parry’s poems have been set to music, tipped onto London from a helicopter, translated into Spanish and Japanese, broadcast on BBC and RTÉ Radio, and widely published in journals and anthologies.


She has won a number of prizes and awards for her work, including the Ballymaloe Prize, the Troubadour Prize and an Eric Gregory Award. Her first collection, Jinx, will be published by Bloodaxe in 2018.  








Fran Lock is the author of three poetry collections, Dogtooth (Out-Spoken Press, 2017), The Mystic and the Pig Thief (Salt Publishing, 2014), and Flatrock (Little Episodes Publishing, 2011).


She is the winner of the Ambit Poetry Competition 2014, and her poem Last Exit to Luton came third in the 2014 National Poetry Competition.








Kimberly Campanello was born in Elkhart, Indiana.


Her most recent poetry book is Hymn to Kālī (Eyewear Publishing). Her play Constance and Eva – about the revolutionary sisters Constance Markievicz and Eva Gore-Booth – will run at Bread and Roses Theatre in London in September 2017. She is a Lecturer in Creative Writing at York St John University.


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