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An anthology of poems inspired by punctuation

ed. Tondut (Tiffany Anne), 2016


Poets: various

Format: paperback

Size: 210mmx140mm

Pages: 66

ISBN: 978-0-9955243-0-9

Published: 20-06-16



In this anthology, 37 poets - including Helen Mort, Simon Barraclough, Declan Ryan, Abigail Parry and Hal Iggulden - each turn their attention to a different punctuation mark, producing work inspired by the ..., ~ and !? amongst others. The poems in that ensue range from the parenthetical to the exclamatory, the confessional to the liminal and from the allusive to the elusive.


An exploration of the English language's notational conventions and quirks, Asterism is a meditation upon how to give meaning to symbols whose sole purpose is giving meaning to other symbols. Poetry readers and grammarphiles alike will enjoy this beautiful collision of signs and signified.


Featuring: Abigail Parry, Amy Key, Ali Lewis, Bobby Parker, Camellia Stafford, Charlotte Newman, Chris McCabe, Declan Ryan, Edward Venning, Fran Lock, Hannah Lowe, Helen Mort, Isobel Dixon, Jody Porter, Joey Connolly, Joelle Taylor, John Clark, John McCullough, Stuart McKenzie, Jon Sayers, Jon Stone, Julia Bird, Kayo Chingonyi, Kimberly Campanello, Kirsten Irving, Liane Strauss, Lisa Kelly, Phil Brown, Phil Terry, Simon Barraclough, Vahni Capildeo.


"You are a scythe between


two nothings, carrying them both,

and us, to understanding just


how much we do / do not matter..."


-John Canfield, %

about the book

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Tiffany Anne Tondut is laudanum's founding publisher, series editor and designer.


She studied Fashion Design & Illustration at the London College of Fashion before transitioning into Threatre Studies (BA) and later achieveing a Masters in Poetry at Kingston Univserity.  


Her poetry has been published in various publications including The Rialto, Magma, Poetry News and Best New British and Irish Poets 2016. In 2015 she was a prize winner in The Troubadour's International Poetry Prize.


She lives and works in London.

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