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laudanum is a London-based publisher of quality poetry anthologies.


Our themed anthologies are open to submissions, while our chapbook anthologies are commission only and feature the work of three distinctive poets per volume. We are now publishing single author collections by commission.


Chapbooks are, on average, 10 pages in length, and yet they afford the

author extraordinary scope to experiment and/or a niche for shorter projects.


For emerging writers, chapbooks are often the first book forward, introducing their voice to the business of print pre-pamphlet or full-length collection. Hence, chapbooks are ordinarily sold as individual volumes.


At laudanum we aim combine the best of both: the variety and faculty of new and established voices. Of course, the reward of combining chapbooks is the reader's chance of discovering new names by way of association - and to a more explorative level than single-poem anthologies.


Although quality can be a measure of success, these anthologies aren't simply a vehicle for 'the best', but a means to disseminate verse that is exciting and inspiring for poets and public alike. Every good poem has a job to do. Some are more accessible or challenging to read. laudanum strives to deliver a more Taoist 'middle road' without the blandness of health & safety, just a healthy mix of sex and cerebrum, philosophy and play, poetry of the moment and the considered avant-garde.





















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For general correspondence email Please do not send submissions to this address.



There are currently no calls for submissions.


In order to submit poems to general anthologies, authors will need to purchase a book from laudanum. This will entitle you to submit as many times as you like within that calendar year. You can browse our selection of titles here. We do this to ensure authors are familiar with laudanum and submit work which fits in with our portfolio.


We only accept email submissions. Please write the title of the anthology you are submitting to in the subject line.


When submitting, please state your full name (and pen name, if different from your legal name), contact number, email address, list of titles submitted, a brief biography, and be sure to quote your Paypal receipt number and the name you used when purchasing the book.


Poems must be attached in a single Word document (.doc or .docx) or PDF for typographical / visual submissions.


For anthology submissions please email with the title of the anthology you are submitting to in the subject field.


An email will be sent upon receipt of submission.



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